Thursday, 6 March 2014

On a personal note,,,,,(Note this blog contains links to many stories in the media, please take a look and see what I see)

We see and hear in the news on a daily basis David Cameron and co say what they are going to do to improve the economy, make Britain a great name in the world etc.

But at what cost? We are constantly told we as a country are in debt up to our ears, we can't afford this or that, the benefits bill is too large, more going out than there is coming in bla bla.
Well today I read that the the government is to press ahead with the closure of the Independent Living Fund. (HERE)

I then think back to all the other cuts this government are making and came to the conclusion that it is the weakest and most vulnerable that are the targets.
OK it was no surprise as this has been going on since the coalition were formed.

Their vain efforts to name call benefit claimants scroungers had some weight in the beginning, their simple weapon of choice was to only show the real scroungers who work while claiming and put scripted so called real life people in front of a camera and say "action" which more often than not prompts inane activities and sheds a bad light over anyone that claims benefits.

It is sad but true that many do claim when they shouldn't or flaunt the law for a few pounds more, but STOP.

I will quote directly from the Fact Check Q&A, Which can read in full here.

Quote, Fraud isn’t getting worse

DWP says 0.7 per cent of its benefits were overpaid this year due to fraud. The percentage was exactly the same last year, and it was a fraction higher in 2010/11 – 0.8 per cent.

“Error” costs more than fraud.

Across the whole system, fraud cost us £2bn and error – in the form of honest mistakes made by claimants or official cock-ups – cost £3.4bn last year.

This is only a fraction of the money lost from tax evasion and avoidance.

HMRC puts this figure at £32bn but tax campaigners say the real “tax gap” is much higher.

Richard Murphy from the Tax Justice Network thinks tax fraud could be 50 times bigger than benefit fraud.

The cost of fraud is dwarfed by the surplus from unclaimed benefits.

The figures are a bit shady but DWP say between £7.5bn and £12.3bn of the six main benefits it administers were left unclaimed in 2009/10.

To this figure of around £10bn we can add several billion more in unclaimed tax credits, although HMRC is reluctant to tell us the real figure.

It did direct us to this near-incomprehensible document, which appears to suggest that childless families alone are missing out on £2.3bn in tax credits.

That can only be the bare minimum. We know that 4 per cent of families don’t claim child benefits and 17 per cent don’t claim child tax credits. But how much money does that equate to? The taxman can’t or won’t tell us.

And yet the government still want more from those who posses none.

It was also revealed that Iain Duncan Smith has been caught up in a new row over his department's dodgy use of official figures, the fourth in a year.

So why do the coalition or more so the conservatives end of the deal seem so hell bent on stripping the needy of every life line they have?

I have a theory,
Cameron says that foreign aid is important, Ok i'll give him that but there is a limit, and charity begins at home first.
To enable the constant stream of money for financial and economic aid going to its destination the money has to come from somewhere. Notice it is not from the governments sponsors or the bankers.

Also notice while the cost of living increases, wages remain the same HERE (Unless you are a politician), cuts are made to services at the cost of jobs in an effort to save money, yet putting further strain on services and the welfare state. Breaking Britains back. Or so you would think.

Add to that the promises from our government to aid Syria while the south of England was under water, and denied aid.
Disabled facilities closed, playgrounds un maintained or shut down and removed to save the cost of repair and maintenance.
Hospitals closed and patients forced to travel miles for medical assistance.
Not to mention care homes closed, homeless soldiers, council waiting lists for homes up by 72%, the list can go on.

YET, we are expected to accept mass immigration as good for the economy yet this too has been debunked as a failure, HERE, HERE, and HERE

In brief as i'm waffling in temper, this government do not care one high hoot for the people of the countries they are supposed to govern.
Scotland has the right idea and free itself from the shackles of the British establishment.

In my honest opinion, David Cameron knows full well that he will not get re elected, his false and empty promise of a referendum on our membership of the European Union will never take place. WHY? Well the answer is simple, Cameron has done so much to dismantle the fragile system that was and turned it into his pet project to serve his EU masters and ensure Labour get re elected. This will happen as the people will make sure the Conservative do not regain power. The only way they know is to vote the "other guy" in. Labour being pro EU will never agree to a referendum, the EU superstate will then continue to interfere and manipulate the systems of every nation state till the ultimate is achieved. The UNITED STATES OF EUROPE. and HERE.

Far fetched? No, a very possible reality.

If you want more of the same, all you need to do is nothing. Keep voting for the same old same old and always be greatful for the small mercies you may be given.

My last word, before you have a go at me I ask you to take a back seat for one minute and think outside of the political box, or outside your comfort zone of good job and a little money saved up for a rainy day and think about your circumstances and how they would be different if you were on the receiving end of the cuts.