Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A little about me. What grieves me.

To some being a member of the English Democrats gives them license to call me a racist purely on the basis of our policies on immigration, and declaring that I am proud of my country, its achievements, and in many respects its history.

It will also cross peoples mind that the English were also a waring race, but I make no apologies what so ever for events that happened hundreds of years ago that in every respect I had no control over what so ever.

Now that is out of the way, I can assure you that my aims and objectives within the English Democrats party is to remain true to myself.

I will not disregard my principles or follow the crowd.

My own personal feelings are respected within the party and members do listen to me and vis versa I also listen to them. The party is, for all to see very democratic and all opinions, objections and arguments for and against particular subjects are listened to and for policy etc then it is put to the membership.

Coming from a strong Labour supporting family and being once a miner, I fully understand the feeling of abandonment when it comes to the PTB dictating what we can and cannot do with our own lives.
I fully support a free society where everyone is treated as an equal regardless of colour class or creed, but by the same token I expect to be met with the same respect as an Englishman. After all these people I am accused of offending are visitors or guests in our country. The ones who choose to settle here must integrate and accept my way of life as I would respect theirs.

I read the other day this article and it really did hit home to me. I agree with everything this man said. Here is a direct quote from the article :-

As the EU fails and becomes nothing more than the outer states of the new German Reich, it is time for us to go it alone. There has never been a more desperate time to escape from the house of cards that is the burning economies of Europe. We need to be guardians of our own destiny. The Europe experiment has failed and costs each one of us not just in the amount we pay in tax for the upkeep of Eurocrats but also in the attack on our way of life. Ask any Dales farmer or Whitby fisherman and they will tell you straight.

Tough times call for tough action and “call me Dave” has to start being tough. Britain plc has been sold off to the rag and bone men of the world. Water, gas and telephones are now in the hands of foreign companies – what next, the land beneath our feet?
It is time to quit Europe and for Cameron to give us a referendum on that issue. But like Dave, I know that will never happen. He already knows the outcome. If given the choice, we would be out of Europe in a flash.

What the metropolitan professional politicians of the liberal elite don’t realise is that most people from middle England want a different way of life.

There is a growing voice in the country that is demanding a return to common sense values and laws. They want these laws to be decided in an English Parliament and not imposed upon us from a far corner of Europe.

Our national pride and our common vision will only come about when our borders are once again in our control. Englishness and our wonderful culture can then be celebrated again. People want to be able to be proud to be English once more. Is that too much to ask?

It all makes sense when you read this article as to why I joined the English Democrats, simply put, these views reflect my very own. We the English are now the victims and it is time we had our voice back.

I want to be able to walk down my own street and wear should I choose to a badge of St George, or fly the flag from my car without being stared at or called names for showing my English pride just like every other nation of the UK show theirs, why should I be silent and hide just in case someone feels intimidated or offended? for this I firmly lay the blame at common purpose.

Common purpose to me is an extension of Agenda 21, poisoning the minds of the gulable and insisting this is the way, even down to primary school level our children are now taught that society is wrong and we all need to be a certain way. Call me a conspiracy theorist but the similarity is uncanny.

I respect others and expect the same in return, I have no problem with other peoples religion, where they came from or the colour of their skin, or political beliefs, I treat each as equals. Yet given my feelings I must defend my country its borders and the people who live here. Our now governments since 1997 have all taken the same stance, there is nothing between them to differentiate one party from the other, they all follow the common purpose agenda.

What I do object to is being told that my Englishness is offensive to others, my flag is a racist symbol, and my opinion will get me locked up.

WHY, what do I do to warrant that? If I don't agree with your opinion or political view point, it does not give you license to disrespect me.

You dont see me running around stating I'm offended because of this or that, I don't take to the streets protesting or rioting, or stand on a soap box declaring war on everything that offends me, I'm tolerant of others, so is it not just as tolerant for me to be shown the same courtesy?

They say you are not in control of where you are born, it is by accident you are English, OK but does that stop me being proud of the nation I was born in?

I'm 49 years of age, ex miner, builder by trade, and trust me I've worked with many people of differing backgrounds religious persuasion, and work ethic with no objection, and able to speak for myself, yet other seem to think they speak for me and insist im wrong because my opinion differs from theirs, and according to some on the left, I'm a heathen, racist, or even fascist (I wish the name callers would actually look up the word fascist) then they would realise that I am far from it.

What I am fed up of is the PTB seem hell bent on destroying my country of birth, eradicating my heritage, and declaring me to be the odd one out and against society for having a sense of pride in my own country of birth.

I believe every country should have control of its own destiny, its laws, and who it allows into its society and its borders.

It is also fair to say that if I was to live in some of the countries who's people we accept in our own, I would not be allowed the same freedoms of expression, religious freedom or rights that we give them here.

So I put it to the leftwing name callers to stand in elections as a bonafide political party and let the people decide whether they agree with your opinion, rather than have running street battles with the far right protest groups that exist. Without them you wouldn't exist, and the same applies the other way around, Some of which are legitimate political party's, so do it politically. Make use of a political system that is the framework which defines acceptable political methods within a given society and do it democratically. If your views are the accepted view then it will all be worth the effort.