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Sunday 24 May 2015

In this article I am going to ask a couple of questions for consideration.

I will also state that this has nothing to do with race.

The Mediterranean crisis seems to have no end. People are needlessly dying fleeing the atrocities of internal wars and religious indifference and this cannot be ignored.
By and large it is not being ignored but not enough is being done. The EU are fully aware of the situation.

I will point out that I am fully sympathetic to their plight, wants and possible needs, but it is with some reservation.

With the alarming rise of Isis and the threat it poses on the population, not to mention the genocide of some of Africas leaders and one of the biggest motivators poverty.
Is it any wonder they want to leave their homes and try make the journey across to Italy?
Or anywhere else for that matter.
I will at this point state "Some would sooner do this through legal routes".

The media describe these refugees as poor and destitute. Even with the poverty many suffer in Africa.
Where do they get this kind of money to pay the smugglers?
The cost of such a trip through the multitude of human traffickers waiting to cash in can run into $ thousands.

The cost to the west however could be far greater.

Isis has stated they will send thousands of Jihadi fighters to Europe through these routes, If they (Isis) are attacked, knowing humanitarian efforts to rescue them at sea are in place.

With the reach of Isis becoming a real threat, the question is. What do we do?

There is the option of going in guns blazing and ridding Africa of Isis extremists and trying to return the country to some kind of normality, (If there is such a thing) but there are some who would condemn these actions.
A point to note is Islam was introduced into Africa and was widely accepted over time, and is constantly being reshaped by prevalent social, economic and political conditions.

That is of course until Isis came along with its own idea of how Islam should be practiced. Through their version / interpretation of the Sharia. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), have become notorious for executions by stoning and crucifixion. Sharia explained.

I on the other hand offer a simpler solution which is both humanitarian and reduces the cost of human life.

Africa is a massive land mass. Much of it uninhabited. We spend millions on humanitarian aid, as well as economic aid, much of which is lost in transit. Shall we say once given to militant organisations and political leaders who quite frankly keep it for themselves.

With a little planning it would be possible, with the help of the migrants themselves to build, maintain and defend an area big enough to sustain themselves and help the Libyans to regain their country from the clutches of Isis. And on the way, offer sanctuary or safe haven for others.

A perfect example of the place where this could be possible is south of Brega.

Brega, also known as Mersa Brega or Marsa al-Brega, is a complex of several smaller towns, industry installations and education establishments situated in Libya on the Gulf of Sidra, the most southerly point of the Mediterranean Sea.

By investing in creating a safe zone, or even multiple zones of a couple of square miles or so, walled if need be, on a larger scale to the military bases in Afghanistan with military patrols and presence of libyan and UN forces and the migrants themselves. It would be much easier to tow the boats to the safe zone on the coast and transport them to their new home.

As the area would need infrastructure, Housing, transport links, schools, desalination and farming to name a few, and with the help of the UN, EU, UK and other world organisation and governments,paid forwith oilrevenue sales the safety and security of thousands of people could be achieved. In return, the people are trained in the trades, social domestic and militarily to make this possible.
A wage per say can be paid in time to workers, crops can be harvested and so on until such a time as they will become self sufficient and contributing to the economy of Libya and able to defend themselves. In the short term they would be fed, housed and defended.

There is also an added incentive.

The financial impact on the countries assisting in the rescue of these people is quite frankly a huge undertaking. This does not take into account the social and economic impact that mass migration of so many people into Europe and its member states whose infrastructure is already at breaking point will have if we stand idly by and allow it to continue.

It would be far more cost effective to create safe zones, protected from militant extremists, where they can survive and prosper in their own country.
Thereby lessening the impact mass migrations has on other countries.

The human cost is negligible, militant extremists would be martyred; some front line soldiers may lose their lives clearing the area. Some even defending the zone, but far fewer than the overall cost compared to an all out war "guns blazing" and the pointless loss of life at sea.

Monday 27 April 2015

Why I am standing in Barnsley.

Kevin Riddiough

Why I am standing in the Barnsley East constituency of South Yorkshire in the 2015 General Election.

1/ Why Barnsley East? – I have lived in Barnsley all my life, as we say a born and bred Yorkshire lad. I consider myself to be a proud Yorkshire and Englishman. I am honoured to be standing as your local candidate for Barnsley East constituency and the the Rockingham ward. Your views, concerns, wants and needs are very important to me. Local concerns will never be over ruled by party politics. You the voter come first. Barnsley Labour thinks it is their right to run our council as they see fit, regardless of your wishes or needs. Now is the time to send them a message. We want real representation, and the ballot box is where it will happen.

2/ Why the English Democrats ? – Currently we live in a so called “United Kingdom” but devolution in 1998 by the British Labour party fundamentally changed the United Kingdom and changed England to become the 4th most important Nation within the United Kingdom. My objective and that of the English Democrats is to put England FIRST, not 4th. Those living in England, suffer from all manner of inequalities compared to those living in Ireland, Scotland and Wales – collectively these people receive a staggering additional £49 Billion per year in public expenditure compared to those living in England. This is via the bribe called the Barnett Formula that was put in place in the 1970’s to try to dampen down Scottish and Welsh Nationalism in particular.
The Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and UKIP are so embarrassed about this figure that they have ALL agreed NOT to talk about it. It is quite frankly disgusting that people who claim to represent English constituencies do not debate this – instead they allow the English Taxpayer to continue to subsidise Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
This has been going on now for over 30 years, simple maths tells you how much the English Taxpayer has given away to Scotland !

3/ Out of the EU – English Democrats want to take England out of the European Union via a referendum and re-join EFTA, the European Free Trade Association, this will save a further £9 Billion per year, on top of the £49 Billion saved by leaving Scotland, Wales and Ireland, if “they” want to stay in the EU, that’s up to them.

4/ Only humanitarian Foreign Aid – When the main political parties tell the English that we need to “tighten our belts”, it is totally absurd that they continue to want to give away £10 Billion a year to other countries when the British Government is still paying out more than it is receiving in tax and hence further increasing the National Debt, which is going to be a painful debt for our Grandchildren to pay for years to come.
5/ English Culture & Identity – I am proud of my English Nationality, and I want to live in an England, where I am free to express my English Identity, without challenge or disapproval. I am offended that I have to defend my right to express my English identity, when I was born English, live in England and speak English and over 60% of people feel the way I do according to the 2011 Census in England.

6/ Radicals/extremists and the terrorist threat – we have to end this menace in England, just like it is being done throughout Northern Europe, in England we should only have English Law in England and the state should promote only English Customs and Traditions.

I would be delighted to become the first elected “English MP” to represent England and its people, in the way that Nicola Sturgeon Leader of the SNP has vowed to put “Scotland First” in the UK Parliament, I wish to put “England and its people First” – we urgently need English representatives on the UK Parliament to finally stand up for ENGLAND and THE ENGLISH.

Kevin Riddiough
Barnsley East parliamentary candidate.
English Democrats – “Putting England First !”

Tuesday 5 August 2014


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Press Release:-

English excluded from the debate and from even watching it - Alex Salmond v Alistair Darling Scottish Independence Debate

Tonight in Glasgow is the televised debate between Alex Salmond v Alistair Darling on Scottish Independence, yet (we) in England will not be able to watch the debate as it is only being shown in Scotland.

This is an affront to democracy as the English will not be able to make their own decision on who wins the independence TV debate. Instead we will have to listen to news coverage telling us what the results are by the "British" media.

Who could forget that after the Nick Clegg v Nigel Farage TV debate the British media immediately claimed that Nick Clegg had won, when it turned out that the UK public overwhelmingly thought that Nigel Farage had comprehensively won the debate?

Scottish Independence will impact on all the nations and on all the peoples living within the UK as it will mean the legal dissolution of the UK.

E + S = GB therefore GB - S = E

Where E = “Kingdom of England”
S = “Kingdom of Scotland”
GB = “United Kingdom of Great Britain”

Exclusion from democratic debate is worrying but it is worse than that, as not only have English, Welsh and Northern Irish voices been excluded from this debate, we have now been excluded from being even allowed to watch the debate as well.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said:- "England's Unionist Masters don't want England to have a voice on Independence and don't want us to see what offers of special deals they are making at our expense to keep Scotland at least in appearance within the UK regardless of how much that costs English taxpayers and how much it is against the interests of the English Nation!"

Robin Tilbrook
The English Democrats,

You can read more from Robin HERE

Key facts about the English Democrats
The English Democrats launched in 2002.
The English Democrats are the English nationalist Party. We campaign for a referendum for Independence for England; for St George’s Day to be England’s National holiday; for Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem; to leave the EU; for an end to mass immigration; for the Cross of St George to be flown on all public buildings in England; and we support a YES vote for Scottish Independence.
The English Democrats are England’s answer to the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru. The English Democrats’ greatest electoral successes to date include:- in the 2004 EU election we had 130,056 votes; winning the Directly Elected Executive Mayoralty of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council in 2009 and also the 2012 referendum; in the 2009 EU election we gained 279,801 votes after a total EU campaign spend of less than £25,000; we won the 2012 referendum which gave Salford City an Elected Mayor; in 2012 we also saved all our deposits in the Police Commissioner elections and came second in South Yorkshire; and in the 2014 EU election we had 126,024 votes for a total campaign spend of about £40,000 (giving the English Democrats by far the most cost efficient electoral result of any serious Party in the UK).

Wednesday 14 May 2014

The make up of the United Kingdom.


The name of our country on British passports is "The United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland" This refers to the union of England,Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
(Though most of Ireland is now independent)
Most people however say "Britain" or "Great Britain", usually "Britain" refers to the mainland and Great Britain includes Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and have different institutions of governance.

But some "British" can get confused with these different names and usages.

The Scottish and Welsh if asked "What is your citizenship?" they will almost always answer "British" but when asked "What is your nationality will always answer "Scottish, or Welsh.

In contrast native born English who are asked the same question will confuse the two.

British is a citizenship. English is a nationality.

The English outnumbering the other nations by approximately nine to one, and being educated in all things as British often confuse nationality with citizenship and answer "British" as if his or her nationality and citizenship were one and the same.

So why is it that all over the country and indeed all over the world people are accepted by their nationality, are in many ways proud of their nationality, and recognize their Saints day via bank holidays which is often printed on yearly calendars as the norm.

Yet England which stands with proud traditions, a rich history, and heritage is not recognized.
Children at an early age should be taught all about their nation, what it stands for, it's history, achievements, and failures.
In return this would also give them pride in knowing exactly from where they came.

A fine example of England being ignored is St George's day which, in some circles, is regarded as racist or offensive to other nations or cultures. WHY?

St George is part of our culture and history, as it is for other nations and cultures and should be recognized as do St David's day, (Wales) St Andrew's day (Scotland) and St Patrick's day (Ireland)

"BRITISH" conveys those constitutions, values, and belief structures that all four nations of the UK have in common. These are laws and customs of these constitutions, the crown as a symbol of unity and for over three centuries, parliamentary and representative government, and all under the same banner of the union flag.

However there are real and valued differences in the broader cultures and ways of life of the four nations of the UK.

For instance, we name poetry, novels, and folk songs as either English, Scottish or Welsh, rarely as "British" also Scotland, N Ireland, and Wales all have representative governments or assemblies with important but somewhat limited powers except England. England is the only nation that has been denied any independent governance.

Common democratic, and, with a few exceptions mutually tolerant politics binds us all together. But apart from politics, the differences in our sense of national identity make us four separate nations. Football for example, these "teams" are recognized in international competitions! Nothing is simple however; for rugby union the Three nations also compete separately but the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland combine in one team.
In international cricket, England stands (or falls) alone, though it may include players from Wales.

So why did I join the English Democrats.

English nationalism is a nationalism that asserts that England is a nation in its own right and promotes the cultural unity of the English.
In a general sense, it comprises political, social movements and sentiment inspired by the love for English culture, language, and history as well as pride in England and the English people.

English nationalists often see themselves as English first, rather than "British".

On a political level, some English nationalists advocate self government for England, which could take the form of a devolved English parliament within the a federal United Kingdom or the re-establishment of an independent sovereign state of England.

Coupled with my sentiment and the above mentioned, also seeing what the "British" political elite have done to my country over the years, I joined the English Democrats.
Their (our) manifesto in principle is a way to at least try and re-establish England as a recognised nation and the English as a people or race.

The British establishment has denied the English their birthright, as Englishmen and women and sold us out to foreign lands with the signing of treaties that take away our very own right to be who we are.Which in its narrowest form is illegal under law.

Although many of the common laws have since been modernised to meet modern life the principle is still the same.

Article 61 Magna Carta. "Inasmuch as, for the sake of God, and for the bettering of our realm, and for the more ready healing of the discord which has arisen between us and our barons, we have made all these aforesaid concessions, wishing them to enjoy for ever entire and firm stability, we make and grant to them the folIowing security: that the baron, namely, may elect at their pleasure twenty five barons from the realm, who ought, with all their strength, to observe, maintain and cause to be observed, the peace and privileges which we have granted to them and confirmed by this our present charter. In such wise, namely, that if we, or our justice, or our bailiffs, or any one of our servants shall have transgressed against any one in any respect, or shall have broken one of the articles of peace or security, and our transgression shall have been shown to four barons of the aforesaid twenty five: those four barons shall come to us, or, if we are abroad, to our justice, showing to us our error; and they shall ask us to cause that error to be amended without delay. And if we do not amend that error, or, we being abroad, if our justice do not amend it within a term of forty days from the time when it was shown to us or, we being abroad, to our justice: the aforesaid four barons shall refer the matter to the remainder of the twenty five barons, and those twenty five barons, with the whole land in common, shall distrain and oppress us in every way in their power - namely, by taking our castles, lands and possessions, and in every other way that they can, until amends shall have been made according to their judgement. Saving the persons of ourselves, our queen and our children. And when amends shall have been made they shall be in accord with us as they had been previously. And whoever of the land wishes to do so, shall swear that in carrying out all the aforesaid measures he will obey the mandates of the aforesaid twenty five barons, and that, with them, he will oppress us to the extent of his power. And, to any one who wishes to do so, we publicly and freely give permission to swear; and we will never prevent any one from swearing. Moreover, all those in the land who shall be unwilling, themselves and of their own accord, to swear to the twenty five barons as to distraining and oppressing us with them: such ones we shall make to wear by our mandate, as has been said. And if any one of the twenty five barons shall die, or leave the country, or in any other way be prevented from carrying out the aforesaid measures,--the remainder of the aforesaid twenty five barons shall choose another in his place, according to their judgment, who shall be sworn in the same way as the others. Moreover, in all things entrusted to those twenty five barons to be carried out, if those twenty five shall be present and chance to disagree among themselves with regard to some matter, or if some of them, having been summoned, shall be unwilling or unable to be present: that which the majority of those present shall decide or decree shall be considered binding and valid, just as if all the twenty five had consented to it. And the aforesaid twenty five shall swear that they will faithfully observe all the foregoing, and will cause them be observed to the extent of their power. And we shall obtain nothing from any one, either through ourselves or through another, by which any of those concessions and liberties may be revoked or diminished. And if any such thing shall have been obtained, it shall be vain and invalid, and we shall never make use of it either through ourselves or through another".

The Magna Carta gives us the basis of all our present laws.

Kevin Riddiough, additional research Jayne Riddiough.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

English Democrats Steve Uncles receives bravery award.

Well done to my colleague Steve Uncles - English Democrats who received an award today from the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police for "Bravery and determination in attempting to detain a bank robber, following an incident at Barclays Bank in Borough High Street, Southwark.

Steve Uncles who is the prospective lead candidate for the English Democrats standing in South East England in the European Elections has received his commendation award at a special ceremony at New Scotland Yard on 25 March 2014.

Al-Fodday Fofanah, who was on day release from prison, arrived at the bank that afternoon and joined the queue. On reaching his turn to be served Fofanah pulled a stocking over his face and took an assault rifle from the bag and aimed it at the cashier whilst demanding money.

Mr Uncles led the public in physically tackling an armed robber (see photo) who was fleeing an attempted robbery of Barclays Bank in Borough High St, Southwark on Thursday 25 July, last year.
In the events that followed, the robber, Al-Fodday Fofanah, was chased and apprehended by a police officer, a trainee ambulance driver, two roofers, a Contract Manager, two security officers and an ice cream vendor.

On Wednesday 15th January Fofanah pleaded guilty to two offences and is to be sentenced shortly.
Al-Fodday Fofanah, who was on day release from prison, arrived at the bank that afternoon and joined the queue. He was carrying a large bag and concealed his face with a sheet of paper.
In a twist of fate the customer in front of Fofanah was an off duty police officer, Commander Hanstock from the Safer Transport Command.
On reaching his turn to be served Fofanah pulled a stocking over his face and took an assault rifle from the bag and aimed it at the cashier whilst demanding money. Frightened and fearing for their lives a number of customers in the bank ran out into the street. The cashier dived behind the counter as Fofanah waived the weapon at the other cashiers again demanding cash.
When Fofanah realised no money was forthcoming he walked out of the bank with the gun in the bag. Commander Hanstock, who had already left the bank, was confronted with the fleeing suspect and he tried to call for police assistance.

The Commander, along with the bank’s Assistant Manager, Dean Smith, and Michael Duncan, a trainee Ambulance driver, followed the suspect along Borough High Street. Whilst following him they saw a transit van driven by John Girton – a roofer. He mounted the pavement and pulled up in front of Fofanah. Mr Girton and his colleague Errol Gray had witnessed Fofanah leaving the bank and presumed it was a terrorist incident and decided to apprehend him.

The van knocked Fofanah down and he was forced to flee down a nearby alleyway. As he ran off he aimed the gun at the van. Mr Girton and Mr Gray got out of their vehicle and followed the suspect through a series of alleys and walkways into St Thomas Street.
An ice cream vendor who was parked in St Thomas Street saw Fofanah being chased by the two men. As Fofanah attempted to flee he was knocked to the ground by Steve Uncles with a rugby tackle. Fofanah got up, took the rifle from the bag and waived it around at waist height at Steve Uncles to warn-off his tackler. The ice cream vendor left his van and chased Fofanah into Great Maze Pond.
A security manager at Guy’s Hospital was patrolling in the area when he saw the Fofanah being chased at this point by the ice cream vendor and Daniel Simons – a security officer also at the hospital.
The security manager blocked Fofanah’s path at which he took the rifle out of the bag again. The security manager grabbed the barrel and pointed it at the ground and pushed Fofanah back onto some railings. At this point he was joined by the ice vendor and Mr Simons who assisted him in detaining him. The three men were able to disarm Fofanah and held him on the ground until police arrived on scene to arrest him.

Upon examination, the weapon was found to be a deactivated assault rifle, classified as an imitation firearm.
Steve Uncles, who is the prospective lead candidate for the English Democrats standing in South East England in the European Elections said: “I saw a coloured man, running away from a security guard, but towards me. I made an instant decision to help out and, being an ex-rugby player, I took the man down with a rugby tackle. The security guard jumped onto Fofanah, but the robber was able to remove his assault rifle from his plastic bag, and point it directly at me!

“It is immensely pleasing that so many members of the public got involved to apprehend this man.” (Steve Uncles).

Yet in a bizarre twist, the media have refused to mention Steve in any of the reports on the award ceremony. It has been noted that when the Kent Police took “Political” action against Steve, the local newspaper instantly covered the story and went to every effort to make all the public in the Kent area aware of a possible wrong doing, while ignoring the heroic efforts shown by Steve to remove a violent gun carrying bank robber from the streets.

Although Steve has been ignored, here are the story's that have been released HERE and Steve has been totally ignored by the BBC HERE

You can read more of Steve Uncles blogs here.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

A little about me. What grieves me.

To some being a member of the English Democrats gives them license to call me a racist purely on the basis of our policies on immigration, and declaring that I am proud of my country, its achievements, and in many respects its history.

It will also cross peoples mind that the English were also a waring race, but I make no apologies what so ever for events that happened hundreds of years ago that in every respect I had no control over what so ever.

Now that is out of the way, I can assure you that my aims and objectives within the English Democrats party is to remain true to myself.

I will not disregard my principles or follow the crowd.

My own personal feelings are respected within the party and members do listen to me and vis versa I also listen to them. The party is, for all to see very democratic and all opinions, objections and arguments for and against particular subjects are listened to and for policy etc then it is put to the membership.

Coming from a strong Labour supporting family and being once a miner, I fully understand the feeling of abandonment when it comes to the PTB dictating what we can and cannot do with our own lives.
I fully support a free society where everyone is treated as an equal regardless of colour class or creed, but by the same token I expect to be met with the same respect as an Englishman. After all these people I am accused of offending are visitors or guests in our country. The ones who choose to settle here must integrate and accept my way of life as I would respect theirs.

I read the other day this article and it really did hit home to me. I agree with everything this man said. Here is a direct quote from the article :-

As the EU fails and becomes nothing more than the outer states of the new German Reich, it is time for us to go it alone. There has never been a more desperate time to escape from the house of cards that is the burning economies of Europe. We need to be guardians of our own destiny. The Europe experiment has failed and costs each one of us not just in the amount we pay in tax for the upkeep of Eurocrats but also in the attack on our way of life. Ask any Dales farmer or Whitby fisherman and they will tell you straight.

Tough times call for tough action and “call me Dave” has to start being tough. Britain plc has been sold off to the rag and bone men of the world. Water, gas and telephones are now in the hands of foreign companies – what next, the land beneath our feet?
It is time to quit Europe and for Cameron to give us a referendum on that issue. But like Dave, I know that will never happen. He already knows the outcome. If given the choice, we would be out of Europe in a flash.

What the metropolitan professional politicians of the liberal elite don’t realise is that most people from middle England want a different way of life.

There is a growing voice in the country that is demanding a return to common sense values and laws. They want these laws to be decided in an English Parliament and not imposed upon us from a far corner of Europe.

Our national pride and our common vision will only come about when our borders are once again in our control. Englishness and our wonderful culture can then be celebrated again. People want to be able to be proud to be English once more. Is that too much to ask?

It all makes sense when you read this article as to why I joined the English Democrats, simply put, these views reflect my very own. We the English are now the victims and it is time we had our voice back.

I want to be able to walk down my own street and wear should I choose to a badge of St George, or fly the flag from my car without being stared at or called names for showing my English pride just like every other nation of the UK show theirs, why should I be silent and hide just in case someone feels intimidated or offended? for this I firmly lay the blame at common purpose.

Common purpose to me is an extension of Agenda 21, poisoning the minds of the gulable and insisting this is the way, even down to primary school level our children are now taught that society is wrong and we all need to be a certain way. Call me a conspiracy theorist but the similarity is uncanny.

I respect others and expect the same in return, I have no problem with other peoples religion, where they came from or the colour of their skin, or political beliefs, I treat each as equals. Yet given my feelings I must defend my country its borders and the people who live here. Our now governments since 1997 have all taken the same stance, there is nothing between them to differentiate one party from the other, they all follow the common purpose agenda.

What I do object to is being told that my Englishness is offensive to others, my flag is a racist symbol, and my opinion will get me locked up.

WHY, what do I do to warrant that? If I don't agree with your opinion or political view point, it does not give you license to disrespect me.

You dont see me running around stating I'm offended because of this or that, I don't take to the streets protesting or rioting, or stand on a soap box declaring war on everything that offends me, I'm tolerant of others, so is it not just as tolerant for me to be shown the same courtesy?

They say you are not in control of where you are born, it is by accident you are English, OK but does that stop me being proud of the nation I was born in?

I'm 49 years of age, ex miner, builder by trade, and trust me I've worked with many people of differing backgrounds religious persuasion, and work ethic with no objection, and able to speak for myself, yet other seem to think they speak for me and insist im wrong because my opinion differs from theirs, and according to some on the left, I'm a heathen, racist, or even fascist (I wish the name callers would actually look up the word fascist) then they would realise that I am far from it.

What I am fed up of is the PTB seem hell bent on destroying my country of birth, eradicating my heritage, and declaring me to be the odd one out and against society for having a sense of pride in my own country of birth.

I believe every country should have control of its own destiny, its laws, and who it allows into its society and its borders.

It is also fair to say that if I was to live in some of the countries who's people we accept in our own, I would not be allowed the same freedoms of expression, religious freedom or rights that we give them here.

So I put it to the leftwing name callers to stand in elections as a bonafide political party and let the people decide whether they agree with your opinion, rather than have running street battles with the far right protest groups that exist. Without them you wouldn't exist, and the same applies the other way around, Some of which are legitimate political party's, so do it politically. Make use of a political system that is the framework which defines acceptable political methods within a given society and do it democratically. If your views are the accepted view then it will all be worth the effort.