Sunday, 19 January 2014

An urgent appeal.

Dear member / supporter,
A belated happy new year to you! I hope you’ve had a great start to it.
2014 is going to be a very important year for England, as the future of the UK in its current form will be decided in September with Scotland’s referendum on independence. This is something that the ‘Yes Campaign’ could quite realistically win.

As the only political party to promote English identity and rights, and speak out against the raw deal England is getting through being part of the British state, the English Democrats hope to mirror the campaign that is happening north of the border and are going into 2014 promoting a policy of English independence from the UK.

Such a stance is needed more than ever.

New figures have recently emerged which show that English taxpayers subsidised the other nations of the UK by £49 billion in 2013 – take their free prescriptions and discounted / free university education for example.
We, of course, are already aware of this injustice, hence our stance as English Democrats.

Meanwhile, the British establishment politicians have started 2014 by pledging to burden England with Scotland’s share of the gigantic British national debt, should they become independent – a debt that Scottish banks and politicians were all too involved in creating.

The British establishment is clearly not listening, but the English public are becoming increasingly aware of their identity and the inequality they face within the UK – I’ve seen this on people’s doorsteps and at polling stations.

The ‘English Question’ is also receiving more coverage in sections of the media too.

In light of the above, I’m writing this for all to see and to ask you if you’ll be willing to help make 2014 the best year to date for the English Democrats – and the year when the English finally broke out of their shackles.
Please let me explain.
In May, elections are being held for the European Parliament. Under the electoral system, everyone in England (including the North East) will have the opportunity to vote for the English Democrats.
This is a great opportunity to spread our message, with our core national issues being:

Give YOU the final say on our membership of the European Union, NO broken promises, rhetoric,
or U turns. YOU decide in a democratic referendum.

Celebrate and protect English culture and identity.
Every other nation of the UK celebrate and promote their culture and individual identity. It is now time for the English to do the same.
For reasons only known to the political left, it seems that the mere mention of the word English is considered a racist act.
This has to stop. We are a proud nation, and we will not be silenced by the political ideologies of the left.

Safeguard English jobs.
We have the skills already in England and indeed the UK to fulfil most if not all available jobs on the market.
The indigenous work force should get first preference when it comes to employment,
A fair days pay for a fair days work is constantly being undermined by employers in favour of cheap foreign labour.

Stop mass immigration and control our borders.
Uncontrolled mass immigration has to stop. The only real and viable answer is
WANTED, NEEDED, JUSTIFIED immigration. If we need to import the skills then we will.
The free for all culture that has developed has only proven to destabilise the nations of the UK.

English home rule.
Later this year Scotland through its own parliament will get to vote on independence from the rest of the UK. The only nation that has NO assembly or parliament to look after its own interests is England. This inequality has to be addressed and finally ended in the form of home rule.
At the very least should independence not be an option the creation of an English parliament to secure England's future and that of its population.

The party plans to hold campaigning days in as many locations across the North East as possible, from now until polling day.
I will keep you informed about forthcoming activities via my Facebook page so please let me know if you may be interested in helping out.

However, if you are unable to actively help out there are other important ways you can help my campaign and the party.

• If you let me know, I can send you a pack of 10 – 20 recruitment leaflets for you to distribute at your leisure.
• Running a such a campaign on a nationwide scale costs money. If you can’t donate your time to help the campaign, money is equally important.

I understand that you may still be recovering from the Christmas period, but I can assure you that every penny donated will be used for the North East campaign. Please give as much as you can afford, it’s all going to go to a good cause! (DONATE)
Please click the donate link and give as much as you can afford.
No details of your donation,email address or location will be disclosed or used for any other purpose.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share and inform. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely.
Kevin Riddiough
North East Regional Candidate, English Democrats.

Additional material Sam Kelly.