Sunday, 24 November 2013

Kevin Riddiough Mini Bio.

Kevin Riddiough is our prospective lead candidate for the North East of England.
Kevin Riddiough is 48 years of age, and has been married to Jayne for the last 5 years. In early January 2010, after accepting an invitation to have a look at what was on offer he enrolled on the English Democrat facebook page, In doing so he also examined what the other political party's were doing, what they had achieved and what they failed to do, concluding that the English Democrats held most of his values and way of thinking and joined the party as a full voting member.
He is an active member of the English Democrats.
He attended his 1st Annual General Meeting in London of the same year, whilst standing at the time in his first local election.
Kevin has stood in a number of local ward elections within the Barnsley constituency, as well as standing as a parliamentary candidate in the 2011 Barnsley Central constituency By election.

Cutting his teeth in local politics he soon gained respect within the party and is now a member of the National Council.

Since becoming an NC member he has contributed much to the general running of the party, as well as being an administrator on some of our many pages, he is also the English Democrats Events Director, and although living in Barnsley has taken on the role of the North East Area Chairman having lived in Newcastle with family friends for a short time.

During Kevin's career he has run his own business within the building trade as well as manual labour jobs, Transport manager for a large retail outlet, and warehouse manager, so is no stranger to hard work and all the red tape and paperwork associated with it.
Having a keen eye for detail he single handedly proofread and changed an entire warehouse management system, to accommodate the distribution warehouse's needs where he worked as a transport manager, implemented the changes and made the distribution warehouse one of the most efficient in the country.

He is also an active PCC member of his local church (Health and Safety officer), He is prominent within the community and specializes in Health and Safety. Not withstanding he also states that quite a lot of the so called H&S rules and laws are nothing more than bureaucratic nonsense.
He reads,educational, factual material, and has helped small local businesses and constituents with employment law, Civil rights and has acted as a mckenzie friend on legal matters.

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Kevin Riddiough.
North East Area Chairman.
Prospective Lead Candidate - North East England - 2014 EU Elections.
English Democrats.
Not Left, Not Right, Just English.