Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Political secularism. At what cost.

I have read some really disturbing news items of late (Example Here) that gave me the mindset that our political elitists and their minions are for want of a better phrase, hell bent on destroying society as a whole and taking us back to a time where tyranny was the norm and the people were ruled with an iron hand. Our so called Conservative angle would be to protect the country and keep Britain British, yet having done what I perceive to be a back room deal we ended with a coalition of Tory and Liberal Democrats. Right and left sharing the same political platform.

What we now have is a diluted political establishment, no better than the Socialist Labour government it replaced. In a nutshell, there is no difference between the Liberals, Conservatives or Labour. All share the same politically correct ideology, following a "Common Purpose" agenda, (Here) that has no respect for the indiginous people of the country they serve. Adding to that the constant interference of the European Union of which no one was elected to govern any of us. All seemingly wanting to attain a secular society yet allowing religious or minority groups to determine the rules over and above the law of the land. This can be witnessed daily on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter yet mainstream media refuse to acknowledge the truth or even report on it without being labeled racist or far right. This in mind it is easy for the liberal left to ignore religion, or rub the noses of believers in diversity. Perpetuating multiculturalism, yet dismissing the indigenous populations concerns as bigoted, for eg changing to laws on gay marriage yet appease Islam's stance as a cultural thing. (Sharia law)

Religion therefore is having a profound affect on society, as many turn away from religion, one in particular seems to gaining ground with the influx of migrants from eastern countries that cannot be quelled because of Labours ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. And its free movement of workers rules. Many so called job seekers more interested in the generous social hand out rather than working. (Here)

To attain the secular society it therefore must follow that the interests of religious minorities, must not interfere with the running of the country.

So I ask two questions, Why is one particular religion(Islam)being used as a tool to undermine the society of which the powers that be want to rule?

Islam has one law, the law of Allah Sharia
Their allegiance is not to a country but to the doctrine of Islam.
So what makes the powers that be think they can over rule Islam and its Sharia?

Below is a short thesis which explains the common purpose goals of secularism.

SECULARISM....defined as “concerned with the affairs of this world, not spiritual or sacred. Not concerned with religion or religious beliefs.” (Oxford Dictionary)

Karl Marx wrote that “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” Examination of his whole statement shows that Marx was not against religion per se, but he thought that the belief that there was a better life to come prevented people realising the importance of economic facts and the need for them to take positive steps to improve the state (their country) for themselves and the good of all. The early Communists took this further and made religion an “anti-state” activity and any followers suspected of being enemies of the state, thus not making religion disappear but driving it underground.

Following the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk became the first President of the Republic of Turkey and determined that the country would become a modern westernised society. While not forbidding religion he concentrated on reforming the country and taking it out of a Medieval Islamic state. He banned the wearing of the Fez, the use of words such as Bey, Efendi and Pasha to denote “superior” persons and gave women equality in all respects. One of his first priorities was to make education free and compulsory for both boys and girls and forbade the segregation of the sexes. He changed written Turkish from Arabic script to the Roman Alphabet, established a Civil Service (all male members had to wear hats - either homburgs or panamas) free from religious interference, and allowed no religious interference in government. Turkey has survived to the present day as a secular republic but there is now a threat of Islamisation from the recently elected government.

Many western European countries, notably France and the Scandinavian countries now regard themselves as Secular societies. Freedom of religion and the right to follow a religion is maintained, but no aspects of any religion are involved in government. In France there are no crucifixes, religious statues or pictures in schools and in a number of countries the outward signs of religion are discouraged – eg the wearing of the burka or headscarves by Muslim women.

In our own country, a Christian country with the Queen as Defender of the Faith, religion plays less and less of a part in life. Christianity is being overtaken by other religions and apathy, which the government does nothing to improve, citing the irrelevance of religion in modern times. Where once religion and Archbishops were part of Governance, they have now been sidelined.

It started with the Communists and is now overtaking the world via the liberal-left, and will, presumably continue to spread. However, the need for religious belief is within most people – without hope of better things to come what hope is there for any of us? Allowing people to follow a religion and hold religious beliefs, or none, as they choose, should not be questioned, nor should religious bias be forced upon anyone.

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