Saturday, 21 December 2013

Fiction becoming reality.

Society as we know it. What exactly does it mean?
In many ways the conditioning of people and their perceptions are ingrained at school, our young and impressionable are in effect brainwashed to think a certain way, School curricula are altered to fit a certain criteria in our now progressive society, which is then carried forward to adult life and the changes in our society become apparent. This is becoming more and more evident when you listen to what the children have to say now and compare it with what you as a child were taught.

A shocking fact comes to my mind when I think back to my childhood. We were taught Science, technology, English, Mathematics, and life skills. All the essentials to enable us to work and integrate into society. We were even taught how to saw a button on, and cook a meal.

What is different now? Our children are taught through the aid of technology. Calculators replace brain power, computers do the spell checking, teachers assign work cunningly designed to promote the progressive agenda. Many do not even know that we suffered world wars, as historical facts are removed from history lessons, a sense of nation identity and pride are removed as the progressive state needs to think globally, for the benefit of the world. But who will be the real benefactors?

Consider this,

Many people are familiar with George Orwell’s book“1984” Big Brother is Watching You, Thought Police, education through TV medium, working like drones and removing any harmful history from the record books, dumbing down the masses to preserve themselves (In this case the party)and so on. A "do as you're told" mentality of the ruling elite. (Sound familiar?)

For some, our country has become this kind of state now – CCTV cameras everywhere, speaking freely in public has become taboo in case you are arrested for racism, homophobia, or any other "ISM" or "Phobe" they can think of purely in the interests of common purpose and diversity.

However, another book of Orwell’s also portrays the state of our nation today.“Animal Farm”In this book, the farm is taken over by the animals and their mantra is “All Animals are Equal.” (David Cameron "All in this together" Ed Milliband "One nation") The pigs quickly elevate themselves to become the leaders, they keep all the best food and living quarters for themselves, make the other animals do all the work whilst they sit back and “organize.” The mantra soon becomes “All Animals are Equal, but some Animals are More Equal than Others.” (Sound familiar?)

Our Governments past and present have been lead by millionaires – Cameron, Clegg and Milliband (in opposition) to name just three.
None of them have lived in the real world of hard work, or know how it feels to be short of money to buy food, pay essential bills such as rent and heating, or buy decent clothing. They don’t know what it is to be unable to afford a house, a car, go on holiday, have a day out, or treat the missus to a birthday meal, and have to tell their children they can’t afford for them to go on school trips. They wine and dine, usually at tax payer expense, have chauffeur-driven cars to take them everywhere, have large houses equipped with everything they need or want again at tax payer expense, and go on as many foreign holidays as they like. Their children will get everything they put on their wish-lists this Christmas.
They then tell us “We’re all in this together.” No, we’re not!

While they live their lives of luxury many people in this country have no choice but to resort to Food Banks in order to feed their families.
Food banks in one of the richest countries of the world! But our government maintains its stand on the world stage with billions in unnecessary foreign aid to countries who have nuclear and space programmes. Our wages and pension rises are kept to a minimum, benefits slashed, the poor regarded as scroungers, crippling cuts are introduced, and other stealth tax's. People are taken to court for being unable to pay their Council Tax (sometimes for a matter of pence) and thousands of migrants are allowed in through the freedom of workers rules to further the strain on "society as we already know it". As for the future and its progressive stance. A country flooded with million of migrants, social cohesion a myth, the police state attempting to keep the peace, people becoming drones to work for the government's coffers, A world where oligarchs rule the world as masters and keepers of all.

If all mankind was created equal then the pigs need to go, as the Pigs with their Noses in their Troughs will Always be More Equal than the rest of us.

Kevin Riddiough Is the Prospective North East lead candidate for the English Democrats. Click the links to view his pages.